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“Gone Google” Marketing Fail…

Google is touting their Google Apps offering for business with a new post on the official Google Blog (link). The post presents a link to a site, which runs you through a calculator of how much cash you can save by “Going Google”. The calculator seems to be based on industry averages for things like uptime, storage costs, remote access, etc., and presents a nice little summary poster at the end. An example is given from guest poster

A nice little surprise comes up, though, when you click on the link to view the sample poster for Smart Furniture.

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WordPress Theme Updated

In case it isn’t obvious: I switched up the theme for the site. I was never really too fond of the light-green touch of the previous theme and the code styling especially bugged me, but it was a fairly clean and so I just kind of stuck with it.

Anyhow; comments & feedback appreciated.

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Workaround for mysqldump SSL error 2026 bug #27669

I had not previously played aroung much with MySQL replication, but got the chance to do so recently. I’m doing some testing with a new mail filter setup composed of amavisd-new, SpamAssassin, and some other SA modules running through Postfix on Debian Etch. The setup uses Maia Mailguard as a web front-end and management system, including per-user settings and quarantines. We’re using MySQL for the database backend for Maia for storing quarantines, per-user settings and the like, but wanted to have a dual-MX setup with a secondary MX sitting in a remote site.

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Accessing Active Directory in PHP using ADLDAP

Lately, our company has started developing user web portals for our clients. The main goal is to provide a central reference point for common links (webmail, helpdesk, remote assistance links … ), howto documents, and other files and resources. A secondary goal was to also allow user administrators to perform basic user management through a web interface. This would include things like disabling/creating/unlocking user accounts, resetting passwords, and modifying group memberships for access reasons. Myself and the other admin tasked with setting up this portal are most familiar with PHP, and so we went of looking for the best means of interfacing with Active Directory through PHP. Read more…

Gmail Filesystem for Windows

If you’re looking for an easy online storage solution for Windows (and have a gmail account kicking around), check out the Gmail Drive by bjarke. It’s a free shell extension for Windows that basically adds a new drive to your computer. When you try to access the drive through Windows explorer, you are prompted for your gmail login details (you have the option of saving the details to avoid having to login each time you access the drive).

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Update on Network Solutions Front-running

If you caught my previous post about Network Solutions’ practice of domain front-running, here’s the latest bit: They are now actually claiming that this practice protects people against front-running (see CW article for more details). Their logic? Well, if the domain gets reserved when you search for it, they are preventing scammers from registering the domain and selling it back to you…


Let’s try this again:

  • I go to NS to search for a domain’s availability
  • NS registers that domain so that it’s only available through them, but in no way is this reservation tied to me, the person who did the search.

End results:

  • If I want the domain, I HAVE to buy it through Network Solutions.
  • If some scammer wants to snatch up the domain to sell it back to me at a profit, the only catch is that he has to register the domain through Network Solutions. He can do this because, again, NS has in NO WAY tied the search and subsequent reservation to only myself.

Wow, even for PR spin that’s some pretty crappy logic in their excuse.

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Network Solutions Domain Frontrunning

If you have not heard of the term cybersquatting, here’s the gist:

  • Think of a domain name that someone else is likely to be interested in.
  • Register/Purchase that domain.
  • Wait for that person to try and register the domain for themselves.
  • Sell the domain to them for a profit.

Another spin on this idea is called domain frontrunning, where domain registrars track which domains are checked for availability (e.g. you searched for a domain that you’re interested in), and they snatch up that domain. They still show the domain as available through their searches, but other whois lookups or domain registrar searches shows the domain as already registered…to the first registrar.This might sound confusing, but basically it means that whatever domain you just searched for through the first registrar is now ONLY available through that registrar, forcing you to buy it through them and no one else. Technically, this is not illegal, but it’s a pretty underhanded way to do business. While I personally have never had any problems working with Network Solutions, they are currently accused of this practice of front running.

For more details, check out the full article at Domain Name News.

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