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Windows Media Player 11 Breaks Internet Connectivity

Alright, so the title for this post seems pretty out there, but I can guarantee you that I have come across this on multiple machines. I’m not saying “If you install Windows Media Player 11 on your computer, networking will break,” I’m just saying that if you experience the symptoms outlined below and you’re stuck, trying uninstalling WM11 and the WM11 codec; you just might get lucky.

So, one of the other techs in the office calls me over: He’s been beating his head against a wall with a remote user being unable to get internet connectivity on his Windows XP workstation. The tech has been on this thing for hours, tried just about everything he can think of shy of a workstation rebuild, and he’s looking for some team support. I have him throw the ticket my way; I figure that another set of eyes can only be helpful. With a bit of digging, we isolate the symptoms:

  • Full connectivity to the local server is available
  • Name resolution is still solid
  • Pings are working to both local and remote addresses
  • Anything higher up the stack than pings only work locally, and bail as soon as you cross a router. This includes file shares, RDP, FTP, HTTP/s, MAPI, and I’m guessing anything else higher than layer 4. Read more…

Accessing Active Directory in PHP using ADLDAP

Lately, our company has started developing user web portals for our clients. The main goal is to provide a central reference point for common links (webmail, helpdesk, remote assistance links … ), howto documents, and other files and resources. A secondary goal was to also allow user administrators to perform basic user management through a web interface. This would include things like disabling/creating/unlocking user accounts, resetting passwords, and modifying group memberships for access reasons. Myself and the other admin tasked with setting up this portal are most familiar with PHP, and so we went of looking for the best means of interfacing with Active Directory through PHP. Read more…

Exchange 2007: Messages stuck in Submission Queue

We recently received reports of message delivery delays in our Exchange organization. We run Exchange 2007, so I checked out the Hub Transport Servers and discovered that messages were piling up in the Submission queues on both of the main hub transports. Restarting the Microsoft Exchange Transport service didn’t get things going again, so I turned to the Application Log to try to figure out what was going on. Read more…