I’ve been working as a sysadmin / systems architect for a Vancouver-based network management firm called i-worx Enterprises Inc since September of ’06. Like a lot of other techies out there, I spend a lot of my time learning about new technologies out there, either because I just need to make the thing work or just for the fun of it!

Anyway, when I come across some little tidbit of information that’s worth sharing, you’re sure to find it in here…as of now of course…what? Did you think I was going to delve back through years and years of web history, forums, blogs, white papers and KB’s to toss them all in here? Well…maybe…we’ll see about that. For now, feel free to visit as often as you want.

  1. Sokrates
    2009-10-04 at 13:57

    Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation on bulk-renaming (WPS).
    May your effort and sharing of your knowledge return to you one day.
    God bless.

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