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What do you run on XenServer?

@XenServerArmy asked in this tweet what applications/services people are running on their XenServer deployments. So, here’s a quick list for i-worx:

  1. Server OS’s:
    1. Windows Server 2003 R2 (32- and 64-bit)
    2. Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit only)
    3. Debian (4.0 & 5.0)
  2. Active Directory Domain Controllers
  3. MS DNS Servers
  4. Server 2003 32-bit Print Server
  5. MS SQL Servers, 32- and 64-bit (mostly SQL2005, but one old legacy SQL2000 box)
  6. IIS6.0 web servers
  7. MS Exchange 2007 (Hub Transport, Mailbox/Public Folder, and Client Access servers)
  8. Blackberry Enterprise Servers
  9. MS Project 2007
  10. MS Sharepoint Services
  11. MS CRM
  12. Citrix gear
    1. Licensing Server
    2. Secure Gateways
    3. Web Interfaces
    4. Desktop Delivery Controllers for XenDesktop farm
    5. Provisioning Servers
    6. XP Virtual Desktops
    7. Server 2008R2 XenApp servers
  13. NetApp Data Fabric Manager
  14. Sonicwall Viewpoint reporting server
  15. Various ERP, CRM, and document management application servers
  16. Custom, SpamAssassin-based email filtering system
  17. ldirectord load balancers
  18. Vyatta virtual routers

So, what are you running on XenServer? 🙂

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