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Free PDF Printer

Every now and then somebody asks me if there is some way around paying Adobe hundreds and hundreds of dollars if they just want to create some PDF’s. Answer? Absolutely!

Two free PDF printers you can use are CutePDF and PDFCreator. I have not used the latter, but I use CutePDF myself, have recommended CutePDF to several people, and have not had any problems with it.

If you are looking for a bit more functionality, such as creating a single PDF from multiple PDF’s, rearranging pages or adding/removing pages, converting PDF’s to MS Office documents, etc, be sure to check out PDF Converter Pro from Nuance Software. It has a whole whack of features, and it’s only about $100.

I’m not anti-Adobe or anything, but I just think that there are tonnes of less tech-savvy people out there paying hundreds of dollars for Adobe Acrobat functionality that they will never need.

Happy printing!

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